Badger friendly farmers – part two

I posted a copy of a letter to Mary Creagh MP  from Gloucestershire Farmers Dave and Gill Purser in my blog of June 4th.  They were not impressed to hear the minister David Heath’s reaction to their letter during Mary Creagh’s speech on Jume 5th.  Today, at their request, I have written to David Heath MP expressing once more their view that the farming community is not being fully represented in the debate about a badger cull as a key component of a strategy for managing bovine TB in the national herd.  Here is my text  – Badger friendly farmers – part two
Dave & Gill PurserDear Mr Heath
I have been involved with the long-running saga of badgers and bovine TB since I started working in nature conservation in Gloucestershire in 1979 and met Lord (then Sir Solly) Zuckerman.  I fully understand that bTB is a serious subject; it has had direct impact on my wife’s family – dairy farmers in Wiltshire.
I was very interested to receive a pertinent and thoughtful letter from two Gloucestershire farmers who were concerned that the views of the whole farming community were not being fairly and fully represented in the badger cull debates within and outside of Parliament.  I published their letter to Mary Creagh MP on my website on June 4th, the day before the Opposition Debate, to ensure that there was greater awareness of this farming view
It is a matter of some regret, therefore, to have been contacted by them again because they feel that, not only was the Opposition Motion badger cull debate ill-balanced, but that their view was perfunctorily dismissed by you.  I quote from their email to me:-
You’re probably aware that during the Opposition Debate on the badger cull, Mary Creagh MP referred to a letter she’d received from Glos farmers unhappy about the cull. This was met by boorish jeers from the other side and a haughty jibe from Lib Dem Agri Minister David Heath who scoffed ‘That one’
 Bovine TB is such a serious problem that it requires full attention from the farming community in support of Government policy.  It is unhelpful if sensible contributions like that of Dave and Gill Purser is rubbished and their contribution made to sound like the view of a cranky minority of one.
I am sure that Mr and Mrs Purser would greatly value the opportunity to speak with you directly about this matter   
I am placing this  letter on my website and I will publish your reply to me there as soon as I receive it.
Yours sincerely
Dr Gordon McGlone
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