Badger Vaccines five things your MP should know

Badger Vaccines five things your MP should knowDSC_1918

Badger vaccine is available and is use in England led by voluntary organisations that accept the scientific research of Chambers and Carter showing a protective effect on vaccinated uninfected badgers against bovine TB.

  1. Injectable BadgerBCG has been in use by conservation bodies in England since 2011 Using badger vaccination at the business scale
  2. Over 160 volunteer lay vaccinators have been trained to use BadgerBCG by AHVLA  Professional companies with expert staff also offer full badger vaccination packages.
  3. Badger vaccination is underway in many counties in England paid for or delivered by voluntary organisations.  But there is still no strategic government plan for badger vaccination in England despite pressure from the EFRA select committee and Wildlife and Countryside Link
  4. An organised well coordinated badger vaccination programme would cost from £2000 per square kilometre according to Government agency AHVLA.  Smaller local programmes are underway at the higher figure of approximately £45 per hectare.
  5. Gloucestershire Police estimates their 300 km2 badger cull Operation Themis will cost over £1 million pounds – enough to deliver a coordinated badger vaccination programme for 500km2.
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  • Martin ll-Kenny

    Just emailed my (very reticent) MP, Oliver Letwin about this- his last email said he’d been waiting 16 years for a promised vaccine and was still waiting- think he’s a lost cause though – he voted for the cull.

    October 16, 2013 | Permalink | Reply to this comment
  • Helen Spedding-Lowe

    Hi and thank you for this information – I am pestering my local MP Mel Stride, and sending him information, but he’s one of those dyed in the wool blues who won’t listen.His previous reply was dismissive – but hey – I’ll keep annoying him! I hope other people do this – the more of us shout the more they HAVE to listen or am I being naive?
    Best wishes and thank you.

    October 16, 2013 | Permalink | Reply to this comment

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