About Gordon McGlone OBE

Gordon lives in Gloucestershire with his wife Margaret. He is very proud of his daughters Caroline and Anna, and tries to fit in time on his allotment – where he is often distracted by the resident slow worms!

Gordon is an ecologist by training and is very proud of being a Chartered Environmentalist. He studied Botany and Zoology at University College Swansea where he specialized in environment. He was invited to study for a PhD and whilst undertaking this work he became research Demonstrator in Environmental Botany. Gordon took over the helm of the tiny Gloucestershire Trust in 1979 where he saw the importance of supporting the skills and business development of his colleagues and the organization.

Thinking naturally

As an early adopter of new ideas, Gordon is an entrepreneurial leader blending foresight with evidence and intuition to drive innovation. Examples of his long-view include founding the Environmental Records Centre for the county in 1989 (against local opposition), getting Gloucestershire local authorities to sign the first ‘Peat Charter’ in the UK with Sir David Attenborough 20 years ago and the Trust’s early adoption of Investors in People in 1995. His delivery of the first private badger bTB BCG vaccination programme in 2011 has been particularly influential.

Gordon has been dedicated to learning more about nature and the living world since his earliest memories. He is committed to communicating and sharing knowledge and experience acquired over 40 year career in nature and environmental issues. His first TV interview was in 1978 on a farming programme in Wales and he has continued with a high level of radio, TV, press and social media output ever since.