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Ten questions about Public Safety and the Badger Cull

Gloucestershire Against Badger Shooting has raised ten questions about public safety and the badger cull. Public Safety in the 2014 Badger Cull: Just how safe are the public when… 1. New Guidelines allow lone shooters to operate without safety lookouts? 2. New Guidelines allow lone shooters using Night Vision to more →

Minister praises work of Natural Devon

MEMBERS of Natural Devon (Devon Local Nature Partnership) have met with Defra Minister Lord de Mauley. Source: High level DEFRA political access has not been granted to Local Nature Partnerships to the same Degree as Local Enterprise Partnerships have enjoyed from BIS.  Godd work here from Devon LNP.

The death of Badger 41 – Badgergate

The independent experts’ report on the 2013 badger culls confirms that free shooting as practiced in the culls was not a humane method of killing badgers. The story of Badger 41 illustrates why. Source: Badger 41 – a victim of the badger cull; inhumanely killed in the fields of more →

Party leaders urged to come clean over badger cull

Badger Trust chairman Dominic Dyer is challenging every political party in Britain to reveal its policy on the badger cull ahead of the general election.In an exclusive interview with the Western… Source: Clarity over future political policy on culling badgers is needed.  The science does not support culling as more →

Badger cull didn’t kill enough badgers to be effective

In the flurry of the holiday season, many people will have missed the government’s verdict on the 2014 badger culls, published on December 18. Farmers’ representatives have branded these recent culls “successful… Source: Prof Rosie Woodruffe puts the case clearly and simply: the 2014 badger culls in both Gloucestershire more →

How do you vaccinate a badger?

BBC Inside Out follows the badger vaccination team in Cornwall as they test whether vaccination could be an effective alternative to culling. Source: Badger vaccination is an important affordable tool in the control and management of bovine TB. MPs and farmers should pay attention to the facts and put more →