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Ten questions about Public Safety and the Badger Cull

Gloucestershire Against Badger Shooting has raised ten questions about public safety and the badger cull. Public Safety in the 2014 Badger Cull: Just how safe are the public when… 1. New Guidelines allow lone shooters to operate without safety lookouts? 2. New Guidelines allow lone shooters using Night Vision to more →

Badger cull ‘cost £5,200 per animal’

Badger culls in Somerset and Gloucestershire have cost the equivalent of £5,200 for each badger killed, an animal charity says. Source: Care for the Wild is challenging Defra’s figures as it claims that the substantial policing costs, funded by another government department,mother Home Office, are not included in their more →

Badger culls must be based on facts, not panic and bias

Steve Backshall: Unless every single badger is killed, the survivors move around, resulting in an increase in bovine TB. But will politicians listen? Source: Steve Backshall stays strictly objective and does not dance around this clear, comprehensive and unarguable put down of the current political rationale for a badger more →

Welsh Government | Badger found dead survey

We would like to know if you come across any dead badgers anywhere within the Intensive Action Area. Source: The Welsh Government continues with its science based, evidence driven policy of controlling bovine TB without culling badgers.  Road Traffic Accident and naturallyndeceased badgers are to be collected, given post more →