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Ten questions about Public Safety and the Badger Cull

Gloucestershire Against Badger Shooting has raised ten questions about public safety and the badger cull. Public Safety in the 2014 Badger Cull: Just how safe are the public when… 1. New Guidelines allow lone shooters to operate without safety lookouts? 2. New Guidelines allow lone shooters using Night Vision to more →

Celebrating Black Leadership on the Environment

A clean and healthy environment is not a luxury but a right and our moral obligation to fulfill for our children. Children of all colors need a safe and healthy world in which to “live, work and play.”… Source: The environment isn’t green – it is all the colours more →

Rogerson probed over Green Economy Council inaction

Forum for business leaders not met for two years Source: The necessary global scale and extreme urgency of initiatives for human future sustainability has yet to penetrate the thick craniums of too many plodding ‘business as usual’ corporate Neanderthals.  

Balkan dam boom threatens Europe’s last wild waterways

Environmental concerns have pushed one flagship dam project to the brink of cancellation but a ‘gold rush on the rivers’ of south-east Europe puts these unique ecosystems and their wildlife, including the critically endangered Balkan lynx, in jeopardy Source: Nature taken for granted once again:- “What we have here more →


We believe that advanced engineering has a critical role to play in meeting the environmental and societal challenges the world faces. With our customer at its heart, our strategy will Source: Sustainability is creeping into corporate literature.  How much is pious compliance and how much ambitious paradigm change?  Profit more →

‘No cash’ to restore nature reserve

A year after plans to build a cycle track on a nature reserve were halted by the High Court, a council says it cannot afford to redevelop the land. Source: Well done to Derbyshire Wildlife Trust in holding the council to account for work that it should not have more →

Fracking: Too risky by far | Oxford Today

In the second of a two-part debate, Dr Jeremy Leggett, author of The Energy of Nations and Entrepreneur of the Year at the New Energy Awards, makes the case against a technology that’s been presented as a rich new source for fossil fuel. Source: Not so much scraping the more →