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Farmers and vets unite to tell incoming government how to tackle bovine TB

Farmers and vets from the major organisations representing agricultural interests in Britain will present a united front to the incoming government on how they believe cattle diseases, including… Source: This should read ‘representing some of the interested agricultural and veterinary parties’.  There are many farmers and vets who don’t more →

Conservation Society send a strong message to Minister

THE Australian Marine Conservation Society sent a clear message to the Government to improve protection of the Great Barrier Reef or risk irreversible damage. Source: A global biodiversity asset stands at risk of being exploited for Australian national short term current account profits.  Value Nature don’t rip it off.

Vets’ U-turn on shooting wild badgers

The two four-year pilot culls in Somerset and Gloucestershire should be completed by trapping the badgers in cages and then shooting them, says the BVA. Source: This is not an elegant sight; the veterinary trade body back peddling furiously to save face and reputation.  Still a way to go more →