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For This Financial Group, Sustainability Is a Must-Have Strategy

Equilibrium Capital invests in green businesses to bring in greenbacks. Source: Sustainability, in its deeper sense, not environmental management will be the core consideration for successful future corporate growth.  It will require tough discipline that must address the more difficult natural capital and social justice challenges.

Why rural affairs matter in this election

Rural communities could play an important role in deciding the outcome of such a tight election. So which issues are likely to be the major debating points for parties hoping to win votes in rural areas? Source: The shire constituencies will be an important battle ground in the election.

River health revealed in ‘shocking’ figures

Just 17% of England’s rivers are judged to be in good health, according to “shocking” figures Source: Our rivers are in a poor state and inadequate remediation work is underway to tackle the problem.  Moreover chronic problems relating to agricutural run off, river channel barriers and  soil erosion remain more →