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The puzzle of Badgers, bovine TB and cattle

I became involved with the difficult issue of bovine TB right at the start of my career with Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust. Badgers were still being gassed in their setts in 1979 but already there were signs that this disease management strategy was flawed. Gassing badger setts with hydrogen cyanide was more →

Royal Welsh Show Copyright Margaret McGlone

Put farming for nature at the top of the agenda

Put farming for nature at the top of the agenda. Restoring a healthy natural environment, with pollinating insects, clean water and good soils, is crucial for food production now and in the future. That’s why, ahead of one of the most significant votes ever held in the European Parliament, The more →

Nature Improvement Areas show promising start

Nature Improvement Areas show promising start but after first anniversary many more are needed. Gloucestershire lost out in the first round of Nature Improvement Areas (NIAs) despite the impressive work carried out by its Wildlife Trust and other partners. Four Living Landscape programmes are running in the county but none more →

I wish that I had done more decorating

According to one of my friends I wish that I had done more decorating are no-one’s last words. The same friends also sent me a good luck card with the text ‘Hard work never killed anyone but why take the chance of becoming the first?’ They have obviously noticed something. more →

Great Places to see ancient and unusual trees

Treebeard, leader of the Ents in Tolkein’s Lord of the Rings, typified the mystery and wonder of ancient trees. Now you don’t have to travel to Middle Earth to see the natural wonders of these veterans. Thanks to The Wildlife Trusts’ new guide Great places to see ancient and unusual more →

Booths withdraws dredged scallops

See on – Blue Planet UK supermarket group Booths is withdrawing ‘dredged scallops’ on its shelves in northern England. Gordon McGlone‘s insight: Bottom trawling for scallops is like ploughing the sea bed.  It is good to see some strong leadership from a supermarket group; this is where trends are more →