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The State of Nature Report

The State of Nature A collaboration between 25 UK conservation and research organisations Foreword by Sir David Attenborough President Royal Society of Widlife Trusts The islands that make up the United Kingdom are home to awonderful range of wildlife thatis dear to us all. From the hill-walker marvelling at an eagle ...read more →

The Life Scientific: Lord John Krebs

Lord John Krebs talks to Jim al-Khalili about birds, foot and mouth disease and badgers. Gordon McGlone‘s insight: Lords Krebs’ explanantion of why in his words the badger cull is a ‘crazy scheme’ reaffirms the need for Defra to think again about this programme of action that is dividing communities. ...read more →

Royal Welsh Show Copyright Margaret McGlone

Put farming for nature at the top of the agenda

Put farming for nature at the top of the agenda. Restoring a healthy natural environment, with pollinating insects, clean water and good soils, is crucial for food production now and in the future. That’s why, ahead of one of the most significant votes ever held in the European Parliament, The ...read more →

Nature Improvement Areas show promising start

Nature Improvement Areas show promising start but after first anniversary many more are needed. Gloucestershire lost out in the first round of Nature Improvement Areas (NIAs) despite the impressive work carried out by its Wildlife Trust and other partners. Four Living Landscape programmes are running in the county but none ...read more →