CEO goes Feral – released into the wild as freelance Honorary Water Vole

My wonderful Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust Colleagues took the opportunity of my leaving party to pounce with their own version of the ‘Big Red Book’. Cotswold TV and my great friend ‘Whatshername’ aka Rowena, produced a fantastic product. I am truly grateful to them for their kindness. My life as a freelance consultant will be exciting but I will miss my fantastic colleagues. True Wildlife Warriors every one.

My appointment to the ranks of the Water Vole community, as described by Katie Jarvis, Chief Writer for Cotsowld Life was a great surprise too. However, her description of my furry ears and paws was a little too honest.

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  • Good luck with the future – thanks for allowing embedding of film – have added this to Stroud Community TV:

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  • Sophie Scott

    Oh what a fantastic video and such true words spoken. My memories of working at the Trust with Gordon are amongst my most valued, he was a truly empowering and fantastic boss. Amongst the highlights are occasions dressed as a furry animal. Sarah Rowlatt was a dab hand at making large costumes… a Heron, Water vole, Barn owl and memorably my first day at the Trust I was asked to dress up for a fund-raising photo shoot as a caddis fly larva covered in refuse.

    And what a treat, just for you Andrew B’s revealed his alter ego! Love Sophie

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    • Gordon

      Hi Sophie, yes you made a very high quality aquatic bag-lady aka a caddis fly larva! We were a very creative team that handled some big developments including the gift of Lower Woods and its Royal opening by His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales. Your organisational support for the bid day was fantastic; it remains the most memorable of my whole career. However, we did have two helicopters arriving on the site and the involvement of Lord Rothschild, then the Chair of the Heritage Lottery Fund, was a an extra dimension.

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