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Wildlife Wonders in Magical Meadows

  Meadow pipit (c) Margaret Holland   Wildlife wonders from magical meadows Attention-grabbing insects steal the show in summer – bright blue butterflies, burnished burnet moths and rattling grasshoppers – but how many of us look for other surprising stars of the sunshine? The Wildlife Trusts offer 10 top meadow ...read more →

Vanishing Grasslands

New evidence of vanishing grasslands One of my first experiences with what was then called the Gloucestershire Trust for Nature Conservation (now the Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust) was to witness the destruction of 60 acres of the finest Cotswold grassland by an owner who believed that ‘Cereal Quotas’ were imminent and ...read more →

Government not in tune with Nature

Gannet copyright Gordon McGlone PhotoNatura Government is not in tune with Nature I grew up in Southampton in a working class family with no car, few books and no wildlife mentor.  I discovered the world around me for myself, clambering over rubble heaps looking for lizards or digging for rag ...read more →

The call of the Re-wild

Doesn’t sound quite right does is it – the call of the re-wild?  It does to George Monbiot whose new book Feral  is making waves with wildlife conservation thinkers and farmers alike.  The Wildlife Trusts have a very good piece on this subject on their site. George’s thesis is simple; ...read more →