Ten questions about Public Safety and the Badger Cull

Gloucestershire Against Badger Shooting has raised ten questions about public safety and the badger cull.

Public Safety in the 2014 Badger Cull:
Just how safe are the public when…

1. New Guidelines allow lone shooters to operate without safety lookouts?

2. New Guidelines allow lone shooters using Night Vision to shoot badgers from a greater distance than than last year and away from fixed bait points?

3. Given the “conduct” of the cull contractors last year how can the public feel safe with no independent monitoring?

4. How can the cull contractors Gloscon be allowed to be shooting in public areas at night when they have employees under criminal investigation for firearms offences?

5. If any of the above are of concern to Glos Constabulary then have they expressed these concerns to Defra or the Home Secretary? If not, why not?

Last year officers on the ground had no detailed maps of the cull zone nor information on whether specific sites had consent for culling to take place, so…

6) Will individual officers be better equipped with detailed maps this year?

b) If yes then will these maps be provided to the public?

c) If no then how will officers know if cullers are committing offences under the protection of Badgers Act 1992 by breaching their licence conditions?

7) If detailed cull-zone maps are not made public then how will the public know where they can be can be safe from culling activities?

8) If detailed cull-zone maps are not made public then how will the public know how to respond to officer requests to leave the cull zone, if so directed?

During last year’s cull protesters reported and provided evidence for repeated harassment and violent offences by cullers and their supporters with little or no response from police…

9) What actions are Glos Constabulary taking this year to safeguard protesters from this kind of violence, harassment and intimidation?

10) During last years cull one pro-cull offender was named in 9 separate recorded incidents of intimidation against protesters yet nothing was done to stop him. What action will Glos Constabulary take this year to prevent such prolific offending this year?

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