Volunteers Skills Research 2008



The Volunteer Skills Research was undertaken with partial European Social Fund (ESF) support to update Lantra’s knowledge base of voluntary activity within the environmental and land-based sector across the UK. ESF support was secured for research within an English context only and Lantra contributed the rest for the devolved administrations.

A contemporary and relevant understanding is required concerning how many volunteers are active in the sector and which industries they help to support and sustain. It is essential that Lantra determines the skills and skills needs of environmental and land-based volunteers to ensure current training provision is relevant, accessible and signposted.

This understanding will help Lantra, alongside stakeholders and partners, to represent the needs and interests of volunteers and their host organisations.

A range of organisations that work with volunteers and individual volunteers themselves have supported this work by either completing a survey or attending advisory groups. Our thanks go to all of them for their commitment and enthusiastic support.

Dr. Gordon McGlone

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